Why We’re Doing It

In 2011, Loren and Denise Sallee asked their son Travis to move back home and help out …

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Along the way, a number of businesses wanted to help and we are . . .


The leadership team in our shop all sat down one day and came up with different goals and ideals for our business. We came up with many things like, how we want to operate, what kind of business we wanted to have, how we want to treat our customers, etc. We looked at every aspect of our business including our community which we live in and serve on a daily basis. This is what we came up with for our goal in our community:

“Our goal in the community is to set an excellent example as a business that understands and cares for our customers and to use our success to help improve our community.”

We hope you like it. Wheels to Thrive is just one of the many ways we’ll show our dedication to meeting this goal.

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