When is the event?

Saturday, August 26th

When do the nominations need to be in?

The absolute latest that we can accept applications is by the end of business on Tuesday, August 22th.

How will you decide who gets the car?

A panel of business leaders from around the Flathead Valley will be meeting together and reading through each nomination. As a group, these business leaders will be making a decision on who most deserves the vehicle.

If I nominate someone, how will I know if they are a finalist?

We will contact each both the nominee and the person who nominated them if they are a finalist. All nominees will need to be able to attend our event in order to win the car.

Can I attend the event even if I didn’t nominate someone?

This actual giveaway event is by invitation only because it is being done in conjunction with a Flathead Business Group event. If you would like to attend, contact Travis at Loren’s Auto Repair and let him know you would like to attend.

Is there away to nominate someone without doing it on this webpage?

The easiest way to nominate someone is through this website. If your situation requires special needs, contact Travis at Loren’s Auto Repair.

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